Application for incoming International Students

A.  * Photo

Attach photo in jpg or png format
and as close to 3,5x4,5 cm (100x127 pixels) as possible.

B.  Personal data

Identification number
or date of birth (DDMMYY)
  Foreign address?
It is important to select the correct nationality
* Gender
* E-mail
* E-mail, confirmed
Phone, work
Emergency contact person (name, phone and e-mail)

C.1. Briefly state the reason why you wish to study at Bifröst University

Write 3-5 lines

D.  Application and learning

I am applying as
  Erasmus student
  Student with bilateral agreement
  Independent student
  Period of study / internship
Apply for:   
Month in which study starts:   
Approximate date of arrival
to Iceland ( :   

E.  Sending institution

(This is your university)

Name of university University's Website Country
Department/Faculty Full address Department coordinator name
Phone Fax E-mail

F.  Information on present studies

I am a student at (institution's full official name)
Level of study
I am studying at the School of
Name of Programme
Bachelor’s degree in
Master’s degree in
Years of study completed prior to coming to Iceland
Expected date of graduation:

G.  Language Proficiency

Specify your language proficiency (the national language of your host institution)
For example, Spanish if you are going to an University in Spain.

Language (Type language here) Listening Reading Speaking Writing
I am currently studying this language I have sufficient knowledge to follow lectures
  Yes No   Yes No

Specify your English proficiency Listening Reading Speaking Writing
I am currently studying this language I have sufficient knowledge to follow lectures
  Yes No   Yes No

H.  Certificates

Tick on the box if you will need a:

  Exchange Student Certificate   Housing Certificate   Letter of Confirmation

I.  Health insurance

If you have an European Health Insurance Card (EHIC /E128) tick here
The Card was introduced on 1 June 2004. It means that you can get necessary healthcare in the public system of any EU / EEA country or Switzerland, if you become ill or injured while on a temporary stay in that country.

Name of Insurance company:
Address incl. country:
Policy number:
What kind of insurance do you have?:
  Health (obligatory):
  Third party:
  Personal property:

J.  Accommodation

Please select only one

  Single room (private bathroom)
Two room apartment
Three room apartment
Special requests:


The following documents MUST be enclosed in order for us to process the application.

  1. Copy of your most recent transcripts in ENGLISH (signed and authorized by home institutions)
  2. Photocopy of your passport
  3. Documents confirming special needs regarding studies, if needed

You can upload here all the applications documents, one at a time

L.  Submit application

Press Submit to confirm the application ->